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阪神淡路大震災直後のシアトルセンターでの追悼会から16年、途切れず続けられている追悼会。そして、今回の震災に関しても声明が出ています。代表は神戸でAssistant English teacher プログラムに参加していた女性です。阪神淡路大震災の時には1週間私が勤務していたオフィスには本当に情報が来なくて、つらい思いをしましたが、それから10数年がたち、市民の情報発信ができる時代に。あの頃と比べものにならないくらいの情報量が市民から出ています。

Dear SKSCA members and friends,

I'm sure you've been watching the tragic images from Japan of the massive 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit yesterday evening our time.

Mayor McGinn and City Councilmember Bruce Harrell (our Council liaison for Kobe) both released messages today, and the City of Seattle has a number of helpful links on their website, in addition to, Consulate General of Japan and the Japan-America Society of the State of Washington.

Below are the messages from Mayor McGinn and Councilmember Harrell, and a series of helpful links for information and places to donate to help in the relief effort.

As with the Kobe earthquake 16 years ago, information and updates happen so slowly, and it's frustrating to know that people on the ground in the disaster areas are struggling. I called my host mother in Kobe last night, and she was watching the news in Japan and feeling for all the people in northeastern Japan who were dealing with such tragedy as the people in Kobe also experienced.

At the Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association, all our hearts go out to our friends and family in Japan who are dealing with the monumental disaster, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people, with whom we share a special bond.

Karin Zaugg Black
President, Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association
Mayor's statement on tragedy in Japan

Our hearts go out to the Japanese people dealing with this tremendous disaster. Seattle has strong historic ties with Japan, through our sister city relationship with Kobe, our local Japan America Society of the State of Washington, many Japanese-affiliated organizations, and our own Seattle residents with family and friends in Japan. In response to the tragic earthquake, we fve assembled some links to help families find relatives and friends in Japan and links for relief information. These are posted at

As with any disaster, donations will support the response and the relief efforts being mobilized through international organizations, such as Peace Winds America, Red Cross, Mercy Corps, World Vision and others.

Through President Obama, the United States has offered our assistance, and we here in Seattle will be pleased to be a part of that effort in any way we can.
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