I Shall be released. もう苦しくはないの
A rainy morning
Seasonal drops touching
onto the moss.

He is gone to the heaven waiting for me until I am ready to join him.
He left abruply.
We shared many monents togher.

"Don't touch him otherwise you take him home."
"He is crying, going home with you."
(Cring for the life.)
I got his message.
Then, he became a good parter of mine.

Some years later he came home to Japan with me.

He licked my solow and looked at me.
"You are OK as you are. I always embrace you. I love you. Don't worry", he said.

We shared many happy moments.
He gave much joy for me and my beloved one.

Smokey, my love.
He now deeply lives in me.
We brethren are,” he said.

Eat together on the patio this coming Sunday.
OK, my love.

My cat, it's a summer again.
by sdo-asanoya | 2008-06-17 00:20 | ことば
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